The Bimini Boys


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Manning Crenshaw has just had the worst week of his life. His divorce is final, he's been fired from his job, and he’s on a lame-duck assignment in New York City. When a man named Henry Toledo dies, unnoticed, at a table next to his at an upscale Manhattan restaurant, Manning takes the gamble of his life—exchanging identities with the corpse. Amazingly, the switch is a success and Manning is suddenly rich beyond his wildest dreams.

But. . . why is a beautiful investigator from the IRS after Toledo? Who is Isaac Talmud and why is he so interested in how Toledo died? And who is trying—over and over—to kill Manning? Or is it Toledo?

Manning's quest for answers leads him down a deadly and puzzling path in a game where dangerous men whose names he doesn't even know control the rules: the Bimini Boys.

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