Sons of God


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It’s the president’s worst nightmare. A nuclear submarine with 24 ballistic missiles on board has been hijacked! What do the hijackers want, and how can they be denied?

Lieutenant Peter Santiago, a young submarine officer assigned to the Pentagon, has just opened Pandora’s Box. He stumbles onto a conspiracy to hijack one of the Navy’s top-secret Trident nuclear missile subs. But the Navy dismisses his far-fetched scenario.

Peter has only one hope to halt the hijack: his father, a retired CIA operative with a checkered past, whom Peter blames for his mother’s violent death, and whom he hasn’t seen for 17 years. But his father has demons of his own, as father and son search for the hijackers down a dangerous trail across three continents, trying to unravel the mystery and determine the identity of the Sons of God.

A classic submarine-terrorist-CIA thriller with an original plot and nonstop action. Written by a retired nuclear submarine commander, author of the best-selling novels Ship Captain and Crew and The Bimini Boys.

“A spellbinder! A surprising, intriguing twist on almost every page. Don’t pick this book up at bedtime if you need your sleep!”
— The North Shore News.

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