Ship Captain Crew


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The Captain stood on his bridge swaying to the sea chop and to the roll and pitch of his ship at flank speed. White knuckles gripping the steel cowling, breathing shallow, pulse hammering in his ears.

The huge seven-bladed propeller of the nuclear-powered submarine USS MORAY churned the water astern. Designed for smooth hydrodynamic flow submerged, she was clumsy on the surface, throwing a freeway’s width of white water to either side of her bow.
The starboard lookout was pointing, shouting. A hot orange flame, a trail of smoke separated from one of the military aircraft ahead. Air-to-surface missile. This was combat, the first of the Captain’s career.

This was a trap, cleverly set up and neatly sprung.

Was this the end of his mission … his ship … his crew?

He had seconds to decide, to act.

Tom Jacobs’s latest submarine thriller, in the tradition of his best-selling ‘Sons of God,’ marks the return of his CIA hero David St. James. This page-turning tale of a submarine captain’s struggle against overwhelming enemy odds and the heartaches of his own personal life will keep the reader glued to the story.

A suspense blockbuster! As good as … maybe better than … Tom Jacobs’s first best-selling submarine saga – Sons of God!
A must read!
— North Shore News